Peer Coaching Network

Peer Coaching Network

When we reflect together we find inspiration and drive. Organizing can leave you feeling burnt out but you're certainly not alone in this. The Peer Coaching Network is a simple answer to the complex problems organizers face. You'll meet peers organizing on different campaigns, issues, and in different regions of the country.

The Peer Coaching Network is a chance for you to meet new folks who have real life Organizing Experience!  We'll provide coaching tips but you build it from there. Once we know a bit more about you and what support you are looking for, we'll find a great match.

Who is it for?

The Peer Coaching Network is for any Organizers looking to reflect on their own movements, campaigns, or experiences. This could mean an Organizer looking to find new inspiration, or someone who just feels a need to connect with other people in similar positions. Feel free to apply regardless of physical location, we're happy to bring together peers online as well as in person. The Peer Coaching Network has created lasting friendships for participants in the past. Whether you've been organizing for decades or just started last week, a Peer Coach is always an asset.

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Upcoming Programs

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Join us at CanRoots West 2019 - April 13-14th in Vancouver, BC