Organizing: People, Power, Change

Organizing: People, Power, Change

Politicians and corporations don’t create progressive change because we asked them nicely. When power is concentrated in the hands of key decision-makers, people-powered movements and campaigns are what’s needed to tip the scales towards justice. In Organizing: People, Power, Change you’ll learn the five leadership practices of engagement organizing: Telling Stories, Building Relationships, Structuring Teams, Strategizing, and Taking Action. You’ll walk away with a deeper understanding of what it means to be an organizer in your community, and have practical next steps to implement on your campaigns.

Who is it for?

Organizing: People, Power, Change is for anyone interested in grassroots engagement in their social change work. Staff organizers, engagement staff and volunteer coordinators at community organizations, labour unions, NGOs, social service agencies, as well as volunteers and community members wanting to run or join people-centred campaigns, are all great candidates for this training. This framework has been successfully applied to campaigns working on affordable housing, climate change, community mental health, elections, health care reform, public education, and women’s rights, among dozens of other issues. It has been applied by clergy, environmentalists, labour organizers, parents trying to improve their communities, political candidates and social workers, to name a few.

"Organize BC's curriculum and trainers are top notch. After going to Organizing: People, Power, Change, we used their lesson plans and handbook to help develop a workshop at the Jack Layton Leadership School. My team has now trained hundreds of change leaders in Ontario. Their coaching and support has been invaluable. If you haven’t been to an Organize BC training yet, go!"

Olivia Chow

Distinguished Visiting Professor at Institute for Change Leaders at Ryerson University, Former Member of Parliament

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