Inclusive Movement-Building Workshop

Inclusive Movement-Building Workshop

Now more than ever our movement needs the skills to navigate intersectional coalitions and spaces. This means understanding our privilege, being aware of how we interact with others, shifting our own behaviour, and changing how our campaigns show up in communities.

In Inclusive Movement-Building we will begin to explore how racism, sexism, homophobia, ableism and other systems of oppression can show up in our social movements, and provide tools to support organizers in building more inclusive movements -- by understanding our own relationships to systems of oppression, and learning practical skills to make spaces more inclusive.

Inclusive Movement-Building is currently offered as a two-day public course and a custom workshop.

Who is it for?

Inclusive Movement-Building is for anyone who does social change work and wants to deepen their understanding of how systemic oppression shows up with social movements, organizations, and teams. Organizers, campaigners, union leadership, volunteers on grassroots campaigns, executive directors and other non-profit staff, board members, and people in elected office will all benefit from this workshop.

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Join us at CanRoots West 2019 - April 13-14th in Vancouver, BC