Campaign Storytelling Workshop

Campaign Storytelling Workshop

Having the facts on your side doesn’t mean people will agree with you, and a persuasive argument is rarely enough to move people to volunteer, vote, or donate. In Campaign Storytelling you’ll learn how stories can be used to tap into the values you share with your audience, and how to use the Public Narrative storytelling framework to evoke emotions that drive people to action, through in person and online storytelling.

We're currently developing Campaign Storytelling as a 2-day public course, and have offered it in the past as a custom workshop.

Who is it for?

Campaign Storytelling is for anyone shaping or delivering your campaign's message to the public. Communications staff, campaigners, spokespeople, fundraisers, and volunteers running grassroots campaigns are all great candidates for this training. Campaign Storytelling brings together frameworks on storytelling, framing and messaging that can be applied to any progressive issue – from climate change and anti-racism, to voting reform and disability justice.

"Working with Organize BC brought new ideas, practices and methods to our member organizing and training programs. The extensive experience of the facilitators, detailed case studies and strong foundational research completely resonated with the workshop participants. We've seen incredible levels of member activism following the trainings and it has a direct connection to the skills they learned from Organize BC."

Jonny Sopotiuk

Membership Services Coordinator, Organizing and Member Engagement at Health Sciences Association of BC

Upcoming Programs

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Join us at CanRoots West 2019 - April 13-14th in Vancouver, BC