Lifting up organizers fighting for social and environmental justice.

Our Mission

Organize BC’s mission is to strengthen the skills and connections of progressive organizers across BC through training, coaching and community-building.

Our Guiding Principles

Energy and Effort

Ongoing effort is necessary to transform oppressive structures embedded in society and in our own work.


To be effective and avoid replicating injustice, social change movements must have diverse representation of ability, age, body type, citizenship, class, culture, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, experience, and intersections in between.


Creating socially and environmentally just communities requires dialogue and collaboration among diverse constituencies.


Grassroots organizing is critical to maintaining a functioning democracy, resisting oppression, and bringing communities together.

Growing Leaders

Nurturing leaders is key to growing social movements. Training is a critical component of leadership development.

Creating Spaces

Creating a safe environment is a prerequisite to learning. To grow, learn, and have fun we have to first be thoughtful and inclusive in how we gather. Then we dance!

Our Team


Selena Gignac

Executive Director, genius

Laura Cuthbert

Director, Organize BC

Austin Neaves

Operations Manager, genius


Join us at CanRoots West 2019 - April 13-14th in Vancouver, BC